ESA’s Doug Lowenstein Stepping Down


After founding the Interactive Digital Software Association (now the ESA) in 1994, Doug Lowenstein will be stepping down as president in early 2007.

As reported by Gamespot, an ESA executive claims they were informed late last week that Lowenstein would be stepping down. While no official announcement has been made, confirmation is expected this week.

Lowenstein had recently sent shock waves through the industry when his organization dramatically revamped the E3 Expo from a premier game show to a smaller, low-key event. Opposing the political game-related bills, managing the ESRB and recently seen with Senator Hillary Clinton and Joe Lieberman, Lowenstein has been a prominent industry figure for over ten years.

It is unclear what he’ll be doing next. Reports indicate that he will be working with a “consortium of investment community firms” once he steps down.

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