Escapist Anniversary


The Escapist turns One Year old this July, and to celebrate, we’ll be doing a lot of drinking.


We will also be launching a couple of new Escapist-Brand web thingies which will surely knock your freaking socks off. Surely. And yes, I can call you that if I want. Why? Because I had the audacity to march right into the bosslady’s office and DEMAND that she allow me to give you guys a preview of the changes in store for July 11th. And you know what she said?

“Sure. I was going to ask you to do that anyway.”

Booyah, baby! That’s called clout. Don’t you forget it.

The first exciting new thing coming down the pike will be a brand new front page for The Escapist. We’ve harnessed the awesome power of Web Magic so that in the future, when you type “” into your web-browsing device, instead of flying directly to the cover of the current magazine, your browser will fly to a whole new page full of fun, new stuff. How does it work? I don’t know. It’s magic!

The magazine will still be there every Tuesday, though, just like it was before, with all the high-quality artwork and hard-hitting game journalism. We’re not taking anything away – not changing anything – just making more of what you’ve already come to expect from The Escapist.

That’s all I can really talk about right now (crazy, secretive office people simply refuse to allow me to say more), but we’ve got a whole lot of good, new … goodness … in store. Trust me. I’ll give you more details when I can.

July 11th. Mark your calendars.

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