We have an entire weekend full of Magic lined up for you at Expo 2013.

If you didn’t catch it, we recently announced the glorious return of Escapist Expo for October 4-6 in 2013. In case you didn’t make it out last year, it might be prudent to point out that we really, and I mean really, like to play games. As such, alongside our organizing partner Atomic Empire, we’ll be hosting a slew of Magic: the Gathering events all weekend long for your enjoyment, in addition to scads of other festivities which we’ll be announcing in the coming months, like the Saturday Night Shindig concert event at MOTORCO, featuring Miracle of Sound‘s Gavin Dunne and Random Encounter.

We learned some lessons from Expo’s Magic events last year; namely that you don’t always want to have to do the research, build a deck, carry it with you, and protect it with your life for an entire weekend, just to participate in a tournament. To alleviate these concerns, we’ve decided to forego the Constructed tournament this year, instead making our Saturday headline event the ultra-accessible Sealed Deck format. As we did last year, we’re also presenting a Sunday morning Two-Headed Giant Sealed Deck tournament. You can bring a friend with you to Expo, make new friends on the show floor, or sign up solo and be partnered with a perfect stranger, but whatever approach you take, be ready to play some Magic at Expo this year.

Without further ado, check out the full schedule of events for the weekend below.

All Weekend

Learn To Play Magic
Entry fee: FREE!
Continuously Running
Receive a free deck of cards and play a demo at our Learn-To-Play booth!

Mini Masters Sealed Tournament
Entry Fee: $8
Every Hour, On the Hour
Mini Masters is a fun and fast format! Open a pack and shuffle in three of each basic land, then play in a three-round, single-elimination tournament. Add an additional pack to your deck for every round you win. The Champion wins an extra pack. Players who lose in the first round will receive a one-pack consolation prize.

Theros Draft
Entry Fee: $15
Every Hour, On the Half-Hour
Players receive three booster packs of Theros and draft them to build a forty-card deck for a three-round Swiss tournament. 1st Place: 5 booster packs; 2nd: 3 boosters, 3-4th: 2 boosters.

Open Dueling
Entry Fee: $15
Continuously Running
Buy a sealed Intro Deck of your choice and challenge an opponent! Play five matches and receive a free booster pack.

12:00 pm – Headline Event – Theros Sealed-Deck Tournament
Entry Fee: $25
Registration: All day Friday, 10:00-11:30 a.m. Saturday
Each player will receive six booster packs of Theros to build a forty-card deck. We will run Swiss rounds based on attendance followed by a cut to the top 8 and features fantastic tech prizes sponsored by Atomic Empire!

1st: 16GB iPad Mini
2nd: Nintendo 3DS XL
3rd-4th: Razer Chimera Gaming Headset
5th-8th: Razer Naga Gaming Mouse

Additional Theros sealed product will be awarded based on attendance. This event will be a Wizards of the Coast Premium tournament; participants will receive triple Planeswalker Points.

11:00 am – Two-Headed Giant Sealed
Entry fee: $20 ($40 per pair)
Grab a partner and crack some packs! Each team receives eight Theros booster packs to build two forty-card decks and go head-to-head-to-head-to-head with other teams in this four-round Swiss tournament. Prize packs will be awarded based on record. For more information about the Two-Headed Giant format, click here:

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