Test your skills in a live-action (non-lethal) first-person-shooter.

We’re really excited about seeing many of you this September at our first annual Escapist Expo in Durham, NC, so please don’t take it the wrong way if you suddenly find an ominous, tiny red dot dancing across your chest when you get here. One-shotting you from cover is just our way of saying, “Welcome!” It’s also our way of saying “Hey, get over here, because we’re all playing frakking outdoor laser tag, and it’s completely awesome.”

That’s right, this year we’re pleased to announce Chest High Walls, a 16 vs. 16, live-action competitive multiplayer experience with state-of-the-art laser weaponry provided by Tactical Laser Tag. Matches will be held exclusively in first-person, with games running all three days from 12:00 P.M. to 5:00 P.M. in fifteen-minute sets. With a badge, each round is only $5.00.

All Expo VIPs will be granted Fast-Lane access (meaning you can play quicker and more often than the normals) but, gasp, our free VIP upgrade ends this Friday, June 1st! So, if you’re planning on attending this year, now is the perfect time to head over to our registration page and take advantage of the deal. Aside from a quicker respawn, Expo VIPs will also be given a special badge pick-up line, early access to our Big Saturday Night Party, special reserved seating for Friday’s Movie Night with Movie Bob, and tons of other stuff that we’ll be announcing in the coming weeks and months. Just remember, if you miss the free upgrade, it’s an additional $10 to bolster a one-day pass, or $15 for the full three-day event badge.

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