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Guests including Cliff Bleszinski, Saint’s Row writer Steve Jaros and The Escapist’s Ben “Yahtzee” Croshaw,” among others, will be hosting panels at the Escapist Expo from October 4th-6th.

The Escapist Expo is approaching fast and we’re happy to finally be able to unveil a full list of panels, hosted by interesting personalities, that will be taking place over the course of the October 4th long weekend. With panels discussing everything from nerd love lives to the persistent problem of gamer rage, there should be something that every attendee can enjoy.

You can check out the Escapist Expo’s full schedule of panels right here, but a few of our noteworthy panels will include:

Xbox One vs. PS4 vs. Wii U

Which console will reign supreme? The last few months have been a battleground between Sony and Microsoft throwing barbs at each other, while Nintendo tried to shove its gamepad between them like a little brother saying, “Hey! Look at me!” This panel will discuss the different consoles, the launch titles and the price point and figure out which manufacturer is going to win the next generation.

Panelists: Bob “MovieBob” Chipman [Escape to the Movies], Jim Sterling [Jimquisition], Dan Epstein [No Right Answer], moderated by Andrea Rene [The Escapist]

Why You Should Hate SimCity And Other Games That Ruined Your Life

Reticulating splines failing to reticulate? Spending real money in an auction house only to watch,the gear be patch nerfed a week later? Join us for a discussion about the games we wanted to love, but now love to hate, in this ultimate bitch fest show down between the forces of good (the consumer) and the forces of evil (game producers who have done us dirty.)

Panelists: Randy Greenback [Sr. Creative Director @Relevant Games], Jim Sterling [Jimquisition], moderated by Janelle Bonanno [Executive Editor, WarCry]

Pay to Play? The Future of Online Multiplayer Gaming

MMOs and other online games have changed a lot since World of Warcraft blew up on the scene in 2004. Free to play, and other business models have supplanted the subscription, except for a few stalwarts, and some games seemed designed specifically around getting you to but its content piecemeal such as League of Legends. Is free to play the only model out there? How do these frivolous money matters affect game design? We’ll find out in this panel.

Panelists: Todd Harris [CEO, Hi-Rez Studios], Bobby Stein [Lead Writer, Guild Wars], Janelle Bonanno [Executive Editor, WarCry], moderated by Justin Clouse [Senior Editor, The Escapist]

Dealing with the Spotlight

The game industry isn’t exactly Hollywood, but being internet famous can still put you in a lot of situations that make you feel pretty weird. From fans recognizing you in restaurants, to the large piles of crap that can be piled on you in forums and comments, it’s not always easy. This panel of the somewhat famous will speak to Dr. Mark about the overwhelming nature of this business, and how to cope with strange situations. The fans will also learn how these figures are just human like everyone else, and how a little respect can go a long way.

Panelists: Cliff Bleszinski [Video Game Designer and Industry Veteran], Gavin Dunne [Miracle of Sound], Lisa Foiles [Top 5 with Lisa Foiles], Graham Stark [Loading Ready Run], moderated by Mark Kline, PsyD [Ask Dr. Mark]

Writing the Hard Stuff

Games are under a simultaneous tension: A demand for more thoughtful, mature material coupled with a knee-jerk condemnation of “inappropriate” subjects. Can game narratives tackle questions of current events, political hot-buttons, race and gender issues, religion and more, or are we doomed to be perceived as strictly light entertainment?

Panelists: Toiya Kristen Finley [Narrative Designer, Schnoodle Media], Jay Posey [Ubisoft/Red Storm, Ghost Recon: Future Soldier], moderated by Richard Dansky [Central Clancy Writer, Ubisoft/Red Storm]

These and more will be taking place at the Escapist Expo at the Durham Convention Center from October 4th to the 6th. For a full list of featured panels and other activities please visit the schedule at official Expo website.

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