Video game news 9/4/20: Gotham Knights story & gameplay details, The Witcher 3 Switch success, Spelunky 2 PC release date, Super Mario Odyssey Switch Pro Controller bundle

News You Might’ve Missed on 9/4/20: Gotham Knights Story Details, Spelunky 2 PC Release, & More

Let’s round out this busy week with some of the biggest stories that popped up today. Highlights of the day include leaked footage of Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War‘s multiplayer, and Prince of Persia is rumored to make a return soon. We also got a closer look at the upcoming Gotham Knights, developer CD Projekt Red’s revenue increased by 70% due in part to The Witcher 3 on Switch, and more. Here’s the video game news you might’ve missed on Sept. 4, 2020.

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Super Mario Odyssey Pro Controller Bundle Available Now

As relayed by Twitter personality Wario64, Nintendo has released a new Switch controller bundle you might be interested in grabbing. It comes with a digital copy of Super Mario Odyssey and a standard black Switch Pro Controller, all in one package for $99.99. You can preorder it through Walmart right now, and it will launch on Sept. 10. If you do the math, this is a great deal, as Pro Controllers are usually $70 on their own, while a copy of Super Mario Odyssey still sits at around $60.

Spelunky 2 Heads to Steam Later This Month

Today, Spelunky 2 designer Derek Yu announced via Twitter that the game will be headed to Steam on Sept. 29, and you can add it to your wishlist through that platform now. It doesn’t appear like you’re able to preorder it on Steam quite yet, but with its release date being so close, this feature may go live soon. The PlayStation 4 version of Spelunky 2 will arrive on Sept. 15, so if you can’t wait, you can grab it there first.

CD Projekt Red’s Revenue Increased by 70% Year on Year, Partly Due to The Witcher 3 on Switch

You might’ve guessed that The Witcher 3 on Switch performed well for CD Projekt Red, but today, we got a more precise measurement of how well it did for the company, thanks to its latest financial results. CD Projekt Red announced today that it enjoyed an increase of nearly 70% year on year, due in part to The Witcher 3.

The company’s VP, Piotr Nielubowicz, said, “This improvement in our earnings compared to the past year is due, among others, to the unceasing popularity of The Witcher 3, including excellent sales of its Nintendo Switch edition, as well as releases of other games from The Witcher universe on new hardware platforms,” which goes to show it was worth bringing it to Switch, among other things. While we don’t count on a Cyberpunk 2077 port to the current version of the Switch, perhaps it will make an appearance on the rumored Switch upgrade next year?

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More Details About Gotham Knights’ Story and Gameplay Revealed

One of the biggest surprises during the recent DC FanDome was how nice Gotham Knights looked, despite not featuring Batman as a playable character (that we know of). Today, the PlayStation.Blog gave us more info about the game — particularly in regards to its story and gameplay. The blog relayed word that each playable character among Batgirl, Nightwing, Robin (Tim Drake), and Red Hood will have their own progression system and combat style. Additionally, if you really want to, you can play through the entire game as just one character.

We also learned that individual “Villain Crimes” will take place over several nights, and it will require some “detective work” to ultimately track down the villain in play. A large element of the game seems to be about making progress bit by bit, whether in hunting down villains or in developing the heroes and understanding their motivations.

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Over 20 Million Courses Have Been Uploaded to Super Mario Maker 2

Coinciding with the exciting Super Mario Bros. 35th Anniversary Direct from yesterday comes even more news about everyone’s favorite plumber. Today, we learned that Super Mario Maker 2 is home to over 20 million player-created courses, which is a staggering amount. The game itself has sold 5.48 million copies as of earlier this spring and is one of the top-rated games on Nintendo Switch. Super Mario Maker 2 will also get more content this year to celebrate the 35th anniversary of Super Mario Bros.

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