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Escapist Podcast Volume Two: Episode 002


Episode 2 – “VIP”


This week on the pod: Russ gets the complete opposite of a VIP experience while playing Anthem, but he does discover a mech suit action game that feels mighty fine to play. Bob Chipman joins the crew for discussion about the looming death of Gamestop and what gaming retail will become in the future. Finally, Samantha Nelson saw Battle Angel Alita and really, really, wishes people would shut up about chocolate. Then Anthony talks about Kingdom Hearts 3 and … it took him places.

The podcast’s format is still wide open. Let us know what you want to hear and we’ll make it happen for you.

Follow the team:

Russ Pitts — Editor-in-Chief — @russpitts

Anthony John Agnello — Managing Editor — @ajohnagnello

Samantha Nelson — Senior Editor — @samanthanelson1

Bob Chipman — @the_moviebob



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