Sega’s Rise of Nightmares is going to scare the blue off of Sonic the Hedgehog.

As if you couldn’t tell from Rise of Nightmares‘ Tokyo Game Show 2010 teaser, the ESRB confirms that Sega’s upcoming Kinect horror game is going to be pretty messed up. As in, Saw messed up.

Sega says that through Kinect, Rise of Nightmares will make players “experience fear and tension as never before.” The ESRB’s rating reveals that the game is a first-person horror-adventure where you take on the role of a tourist that has to rescue his wife from a deranged scientist. Through the eyes of the tourist, players will dismember and decapitate various deformed monsters with brass knuckles, knives, hatchets, and chainsaws.

The scenery and cutscenes are apparently what will push Rise of Nightmares into the gruesome zone. The ESRB writes that “intense acts of violence” are depicted throughout the game, such as: “A man screams loudly as spikes impale his body; a restrained character’s hand is chopped off before he is killed; a character (cut in half) crawls away in a pool of blood; a soldier is ripped apart by a monster, causing blood to stain the screen.”

Another less violent, but probably still gross area involves what the ESRB calls “female creatures” wearing skimpy clothing that sit on the character’s chest and make comments that include “best sex of my life” or “worst sex of my life,” depending on how the character does… something to them. It’s the “creatures” thing that makes this act a little odd.

Rise of Nightmares might not be the next Manhunt 2, especially because it was able to pull off an “M” rating, (unlike Manhunt 2, at first), but it looks like it’ll be a title for the queasy to leave on the shelf. Sega expects to release Rise of Nightmares in 2011.

Source: ESRB, via Siliconera

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