Ether One Trailer: The Game That Breaks (and Repairs) Brains

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Complete the puzzles and fix the patient’s mind, which sounds so much easier than it looks.

Ether One floated up from the outer darkness of the internet’s id – and what a pleasant place that must be – a short while back, seeking Greenlight votes. White Paper Games has achieved all that and more, and is headed towards a release date. Would you be a Restorer, and fix people’s memories for a living? Perhaps this trailer will persuade you.

What the mind thinks, the heart transmits, but there’s something a bit wonky with this transmission. Don’t worry, Restorer, you have the tools you’ll need to fix what’s gone wrong with the patient’s memories. If you’re looking at this and thinking ‘great idea, but PUZZLES OFORKNO’ or something along those lines, fret ye not. There are two modes to this first person game. One’s a simple walk in the park, with you taking in the scenery – when it isn’t crumbling to bits – while the other, the one with the puzzles, has you get in there and fiddle with the patient’s psyche in hopes of a fortuitous result. If you choose to go the puzzle route, bear in mind that you can solve the puzzles at your own pace.

White Paper Games is a relatively new UK studio, and Ether One is its first project; hopefully the first of many. It’s due to release March 25th, and preorders are available via Steam, GOG or the White Paper folks direct. Price tag on release will be about £14.99 ($19.99), heading up to £22.99 ($29.99) if you care to go Deluxe, complete with comic and other good things.

Source: White Paper Games

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