Eve Dev Gets Creative to Help Out Staff


CCP, makers of hit space MMO Eve Online, paid staff in foreign currency to help them out during the bank collapse earlier this year.

Those of you who follow non-gaming news might recall that Iceland was particularly hard hit by the banking crisis. Its top three banks collapsed and nearly took Iceland’s entire economy with them, leading to a massive devaluation of the Icelandic krona.

Fortunately for the employees of CCP, a little help was at hand: “CCP isn’t anything to worry about, because we’re in multiple locations and our revenue was all in foreign currency anyway,” said Nathan Richardsson, CCP’s executive producer. “What really was the problem for us was how many of our employees were hit by the crisis, so we tried to leverage some of the strengths of CCP to help them through the turbulent times.”

One of those strengths was the ability to “leverage part of CCP’s infrastructure that you wouldn’t normally think would benefit your employees” and pay employees in foreign currency. So rather than having a paycheck that might not be worth the same tomorrow as it was yesterday, CCP’s employees could build their futures on somewhat more stable ground, thanks to the company’s creative thinking.

And for looking out for your employees, you receive a +10 buff to your Classy stat, CCP.

Source: GamesIndustry.Biz

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