Thousands of tiny ships trying to take out a massive supercarrier adds up to possibly the most epic space battle since the Death Star went kablooie.

It’s been ten years since EVE Online took flight and to mark the moment, EVE player Marlona Sky put out a challenge. She announced that on May 5, she would undock a Nyx supercarrier in a low-security system, and invited the rest of the universe to try to do something about it.

This was actually the third “Flight of a Thousand Rifters” event and it was a big success, drawing roughly 3000 pilots into a huge, glittering battle between a swarming horde of frigates – the smallest class of ship in the game – and the mighty supercarrier. To ensure an appropriately balanced battle, prize eligibility was restricted to those who attacked with frigates, and while some chose to ignore the restriction – this is EVE Online, after all – most people seemed happy to play by the rules.

The net result is nothing short of spectacular. A lot of the “shop talk” will probably go over your head if you’re not a player, but the sheer scale of the battle and the firepower on display is really something to behold.

Sources: YouTube, The Mittani

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