This new Dmc: Devil May Cry trailer features grumpy buildings, a murderous cathedral and an oddly foul-mouthed floor.

Are you ready for your two minutes hate, citizen? Excellent, then check out this trailer that shows off Dmc’s rather cool-looking shifting geometry.

So, are the visuals worth the drop in performance? The decision to cap Dmc at 30FPS is, rather bizarrely, probably the least unpopular design decision Ninja Theory has made thus far, but it’s still a big sticking point for fans of the series. According to lead designer Tameem Antoniades, the 30FPS cap was implemented to free up resources for the fancy platforming shenanigans you see in the trailer there.

A second trailer, this one focusing on the game’s combat, has also been released. Behold.

I’m still not convinced about Dante’s new character design (that being said, I wasn’t particularly keen on “old” Dante either, he often looked like he’d just escaped from a particularly exotic gay nightclub) the 30FPS cap, or the decision to hand over the franchise to Ninja Theory, but the world-twisty-platforming stuff? That does look interesting.

Dmc: Devil May Cry has been confirmed for Xbox 360 and PS3, and is currently scheduled for release sometime in 2012.

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