Everyone Has Standards


Being as I’m out sick, while sitting around with nothing to do other than rest, play games, and feel miserable I noticed a strange contrast. I generally don’t like games that are incremental improvements on an otherwise completely enjoyable game – Age of Empires III sits installed yet barely played on my PC, but I loved AoE II. I haven’t enjoyed the most recent two Burnout titles nearly as much as the previous. SSX: Whatever and Tony Hawk: Another Sk8er Game earn only derision at this point. Madden? Ha. And if I never see another WW2, Vietnam, or “anti-terr’ist” shooter again I would be ecstatic.

But I have absolutely no problem playing every iteration released for an RPG franchise. Yes, I’m looking at you, Dragon Warrior and Final Fantasy. Not to mention Suikoden, Breath of Fire, and anything out of Nippon Ichi. I think it comes down to me thinking of RPGs like novels or movies – they’re much more about experiencing a story and a world, and ‘meeting’ new characters, than gameplay mechanics. Knights of the Round didn’t bug me nearly as much as the lackluster ending.

Perhaps it’s not fair, but I lower my standards on gameplay if the story – the experience – is enjoyable. Anyone else?

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