Google has released its Zeitgeist report for 2010, detailing the most-searched for topics in a variety of categories.

You use the internet, right? What did you use Google to look for this year? Each year, Google amasses that information for their Zeitgeist report. For 2010, the fastest growing searches in general were “chatroulette,” “ipad,” and “justin bieber,” and the search that’s falling off the radar the fastest is “swine flu.”

In terms of entertainment, Twilight: Eclipse was the most searched-for trailer, and Call of Duty: Black Ops was its gaming counterpart. Most sought after celebrities included Justin Bieber and Lady Gaga, and Gary Coleman was the most investigated death. Healthwise, people are most worried about their hearts, and for Halloween, more people were interested in looking like Snooki than anyone else.

For the first time, Google has compiled their most-searched world topics into a short “Year In Review” video, which doesn’t provide a comprehensive overview of the report, but is an interesting way to remind yourself of all the crap that happened this year.

Source: The Official Google Blog, via The Hollywood Reporter

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