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Adventure Week is going on right now. From 5/18 through 5/25, you’ll get tons of valuable rewards in Pokemon GO. Here’s everything you need to know about this limited-time event.

There’s no better time to dive back into the augmented-reality world of Pokemon GO. The Adventure Week event sends trainers out looking for fossils — or in this case, Rock-type Pokemon — and provides tons of free items. Pokestops, the shop, and buddies all provide more (and cheaper) items for everyone.

Don’t miss out! See all the benefits and bonuses you’ll get during the event with the quickie list below. Don’t miss out on the fancy adventurer hat customization gear for your trainer. All you have to do is log in.

Adventure Week – How It Works

Adventure Week is a special Pokemon GO event, running through 5/18-5/25. There are lots of benefits for playing during this time period, including tons of extra items, less walking, more candies, cheaper Pokeballs, and the fancy Expedition Hat customization option.

Adventure Week — All Bonuses, Unlocks & Changes

NOTE: Starting the event may set your buddy distance walked to a negative value. Restart the Pokemon GO app to fix.

  • Rock Types Are More Common: Kabuto, Aerodactyl, Omanyte, Slugma and all their evolutions are much more common. Get hunting!
  • Buddy Pokemon Find x4 More Candies: While adventuring, your buddy Pokemon will collect candies four times faster.
  • New Avatar Item!: The Expedition Hat is unlocked for anyone that in for the event.
  • Poke Balls Are 50% Off: All Poke Balls are 50% cheaper at the shop.
  • Pokestops Drop More Items: Visit pokestops to get even more items! We don’t know the exact rate, but you’ll get extra items for every visit.

Basically, this is by far the most lucrative event for fans that want to return for a short stint in Pokemon GO.


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