Everything You Need to Know About Shaolin Shuffle | Full Easter Egg Guide

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Easter eggs are back in style. Shaolin Shuffle, the third Call of Duty: Zombies survival map for Infinite Warfare has arrived, and we know how to complete every confusing, crazy step of this Easter egg quest.

There’s no easy escape from the seedy underbelly of 1970s era New York City in Shaolin Shuffle, and the streets are grimier than usual thanks to an outbreak of the undead. Here you’ll meet up with DLC Special Celebrity Guest Pam Grier and become a true kung-fu killer with the Shaolin Sister as she faces off against the nefarious Rat King.

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Shaolin Shuffle | Full Easter Egg Guide

[NOTE] Shaolin Shuffle can be completed solo or with a team. If you go it solo, Pam Grier will aid you in the final battle, and provide an infinite supply of revives. Pretty cool.

Before attempting the Easter egg, it’s a good idea to get acquainted with the map. Learn the ins-and-outs and make a mental map of escape routes, doors, and routes — survival is the first step, and you won’t come close to completing the Easter egg without surviving the high rounds.

With the disclaimer out of the way, here’s everything you need to know to complete the full Easter egg and defeat the Rat King in his lair.

[Scroll through the gallery for Power Switches, Symbols, and Rat King Icons locations.]

Step #1: Turn on the Power

Before we can begin the Easter egg proper, we’ll need to activate the power to all four sections of the map. Turning on the power offers plenty of benefits — like making new doors available, or reactivating Perk Machines.

Instead of one singular power switch, there’s one generator on each corner of the map. Here’s where you’ll need to look.

  • Power Switch #1: In the Spawn Room, on one of the pillars near the subway car.
  • Power Switch #2: On the roof of the Inferno Disco, near the door with the power symbol.
  • Power Switch #3: On the wall in the Deadeye Dewdrops courtyard.
  • Power Switch #4: In the underground subway down the steps from the Theater entrance.

When the power is fully restored, we can dive into the second step. It may be optional, but we’re going to cover it here anyway.

Step #2: Open the Pack-a-Punch Portal

The Pack-a-Punch isn’t strictly required to solve the Easter egg, but you’re going to need the upgraded weaponry. The Pack-a-Punch upgrades your favorite weapons for 5,000 points.

To get the PaP (Pack-a-Punch), you’ll need three hidden items — a Pink Cat Flyer, a Token, a Film Reel. All of these items will appear in random spots across the map.

  • Flyer Locations:
    • On the sidewalk outside the Pink Cat Club doors.
    • Left of the dojo doors, in the garbage.
    • On the rooftops, to the right of the Erad wall buy weapon.
    • Taking the stairs up to the rooftops, look to the left for a stool with a flyer.
  • Token Location:
    • In the subway, underneath the Tuff’Nuff Perk Machine. Go prone to spot it under the machine!
  • Film Locations:
    • In the subway with the Tuff’Nuff, go up the stairs to the right when facing the Perk Machine.
    • To the right, at the Lockers in the Bang Bangs subway.
    • In one of the large sewer pipes in the Rat King’s Lair.
    • Inside the Pink Cat Club, on a chair.
    • On the rooftop of the Inferno Disco, on an old ratty couch.

The Token is always in the same spot, but the Film Reel and Pink Cat Flyers will appear randomly. Check all the locations listed here until you stumble on the correct spot.

Step #3: Choose Your Chi


Now we can begin the Easter egg proper. Find the Black Cat Dojo to meet up with Pam Grier — she’s the Shaolin Sister that offers you one of four “Chi” elemental abilities.

Select a Chi power and start leveling it up. Different objectives will appear on your HUD, and completing the challenge will unlock a new level of Chi power.

Upgraded Chi helps a lot here, but what we really need are shuriken. Level up your Chi after Round 5 to unlock that shuriken — it’s required for the next step.

Step #4: Track the Rat

Take note of the many rate cages found throughout the map. Find a cage with a rat inside — this is totally random, so you’ll just need to run around and check them all. There’s no set order.

When you do find a rat cage (with a rat inside) it’s time to use those shuriken. Throw a shuriken into the rat cage and it will pop. The rat will leave and lead you to other rat cages. Follow it!

It will enter each cage on the map, one at a time. Make sure that all the doors (or most) are unlocked at this stage, or you can easily lose track of the rat.

When the rat enters a cage, throw another shuriken to pop the cage, and the rat will get moving again. Keep this process going until a magic yellow circle appears on the ground.

Stand in the circle, and kill zombies as they enter the confines. Keep doing it until ninja zombies spawn — take care of them, and you’ve finished the first real step of this Easter egg. Grab the Key that appears above the circle.

Return to Pam Grier in the Black Cat Dojo if the key didn’t appear and talk to her again, then return to the magic yellow circle spot.

Step #5: Shoot the Symbols


Once you have the key, go to the Bang Bangs subway station and look for the lockers on the right side. One of the lockers is marked with a Chinese character. Use the key to open the locker — the inside says SOULKEY.

If you’ve been playing the map enough, you’ll notice there are Chinese symbols in white all over the map. This step requires that you shoot four symbols, in order.

NOTE: Only shoot each symbol ONE time. Shooting the wrong symbol or the correct symbol multiple times will reset this step.

  • Symbol #1: On the streets outside the Spawn subway, right of the Black Cat Dojo. (Shoot the left symbol.)
  • Symbol #2: Bathroom stall in the Inferno Disco, through a zombie spawn window. (4 symbols, shoot the 2nd.)
  • Symbol #3: On the wall in the Deadeye Dewdrops area, near the Lion statue. (3 symbols, shoot the 1st.)
  • Symbol #4: Same area, same set of symbols. (3 symbols. Shoot the 2nd.)

After each successful shot, you’ll hear a gong. When all four are shot, a louder gong will sound.

Step #6: Fight the Rat King [First Encounter]

Return to the Black Cat Dojo and you’ll find a symbol of the Rat King boss on the street near the front entrance. Gear up and get prepared for a battle, because you’ll need to kill the Rat King here.

There’s no real trick to defeating the Rat King. Pack-a-Punch your weapons and get plenty of perks before attempting to summon him. When you’re ready, interact with the symbol and take this King down.

The Rat King drops a glowing green Eye. Collect it to begin the next step.

Step #7: Shoot the Secret Symbols [Rat King Eye]


With the Rat King’s Eye unlocked, you can now scan for Rat Symbols — press [L1]. Return to Pam Grier to start up this step and be prepared for problems.

In this step, you’ll need to find hidden Rat King symbols all across the map. They spawn one-at-a-time, and in completely random order.

You’ll need to find and shoot 6 Rat King Symbols, and check all 13 hidden locations with the Rat King Eye.

  • In the narrow corner to the left of the stairs in the Bang Bangs subway. Jump to see it between the stairs and the subway car.
  • Above the door of the Black Cat Dojo.
  • Through the window of the Barber next door to the Black Cat Dojo. Visible in the alley to the left of the Dojo entrance.
  • In the Spawn Room, on a high wall above the parked train car. Look up from the platform toward the phones / window above.
  • On the backside of a standing speaker in the Heebie Geebies area.
  • Marked on the water tower on the roof of the Inferno Disco.
  • Through an open apartment window on the rooftop across from the Dojo. To the right of the bloodstain and picture frame — go up the wooden scaffolding ramp and turn right.
  • On a large sheet hanging from a clothesline in the alley with the Magic Wheel, near Deadeye Dewdrops.
  • On top of a duct visible through the open skylight on the roof of the Inferno Disco. Use a Chi power to smash the barrier on the skylight.
  • From the Ripper wall buy, look right at the building with a shack on the roof and hanging blue cloth from the balcony.
  • Found in the left corner of the blue-ish office in the Trailblazers Perk Machine area, which is the lobby of the Inferno Disco. Jump to see it.
  • Behind the Bombstoppers Perk Machine, on a police car. Exit through the door to the fire escape and look left.
  • Marked on the side of the Inferno Disco sign, opposite the theater.

Shoot all six that appear, and you’re on to the next step. This is particularly annoying, because you’ll need to check all the locations you haven’t hit yet each time to see if / when the symbol will appear. Very annoying and time-consuming.

Step #8: Translate the Morse Code Call

When you’ve finally finished shooting six Rat King Symbols, you’ll get a different sort of challenge. In the subway spawn room, go upstairs to check the phones. The phones in the opposite area (Bang Bangs) should also be checked.

One of the phones will turn red and start ringing. Answer the ringing phone to get a message in morse code with 5 beeps.

NOTE: If you don’t know morse code, just remember that the code comes with two chimes — dot (short sound), and dash (long sound).

Listen to the morse code message, and write down the dots and dashes you get in order. For help translating your message, use this Morse Code translator.

The code translates into a number — you should get 3 numbers total. Find the Nightmare Summer poster that corresponds with your morse code number.

Take the poster, and place it on the large spotlight on the roof of the Inferno Disco. That causes a large “X” to appear on a window in the distance.

Step #9: Solve the Cypher Puzzle

Find that big white “X” projected on a window, and use an explosive weapon to destroy it. Any explosive weapon will do, and destroying the window causes a swarm of ninja zombies to appear. Wipe these fools out to start another tricky step of this Easter egg.

Six symbols will appear on the Inferno Disco rooftop. 1) Appears to the left of the door leading down. 2) Under the blue scaffolding, upper part. 3) On the brick wall opposite the scaffolding. 4) In a zombie spawn window with a view of an apartment. 5) On the white table in the sitting area. 6) Near the ledge, behind a plant.

Find all six symbols — shooting them swaps letters in English. The goal here is to spell out a word. Shooting the symbols will cause letters to appear on the wall near the stairs that lead down. There are many, many words you can spell, and figuring out the cypher is pretty tricky.

With that in mind, the community has joined together to provide translations for each symbol.

Find out which letter corresponds to which symbol with the translation guides below:

For more help, check out a list of community-sourced (and confirmed!) words right here.

If you’re able to complete the word, you’ll hear a fresh gong. That’s the final super-tough sequence in the Easter egg. In comparison, the rest are a (relative) breeze.

Step #10: Fight the Rat King [Second Encounter]

Go up to the rooftop near the RPR Evo wall buy (in the Deadeye Dewdrops area) to find another Rat King symbol at the base of the water tower.

This is the second Rat King boss encounter, and he’s no different here. Simply kill him and grab his gooey blue glowing brain. Make sure everyone in the team takes it!

Step #11: Defend the Dojo

With the Rat King Eye and Brain, it’s time to return to Pam Grier in the Black Cat Dojo. Get geared up for a long siege, because you’ll be stuck in the dojo for awhile when you return.

Talk to Pam Grier, and wait three full rounds. After those rounds have passed, an interruption will appear on your screen and skip you ahead three more rounds. You (and your team) will reappear in the dojo, with fire blocking all the exits.

Defeat the waves of zombies that appear here, then collect the Turnstile item drop on the sidewalk outside the front entrance. Return to the Spawn Room subway and insert this turnstile in the broken gate.

Step #12: Summon the Circles & Collect Souls

Next, it’s time to go to the alley near the Mule Munchies Perk Machine. You’ll find a wooden ladder — climb up and follow the wooden scaffolding path to the furthest end.

At the dead end, turn left and look on the building with two visible apartment windows across from your position. In the left window, you can just barely spot a Rat King symbol inside. Shoot it to really initiate Step #12.

Large yellow magic circles will appear all over the map at this point. Just like the Rat Cage step, stand in the magic circle and shoot any zombie that enters it.

The circles doesn’t just accept one wave of zombie souls. You’ll need to complete the circle step 5-6 times total. After each successful reaping, the circle will teleport to a new location.

Complete all those circles to get a gong. Time to return to the Inferno Disco.

Step #13: Complete the Disco Hot Potato


Rush back to the Inferno Disco and find the DJ booth on the second floor. Interact with the vinyl machines on the booth overlooking the dance floor, and a disco ball will appear on the dance floor.

This disco ball power-up attaches itself to any zombie that runs through it. Lead a zombie to the disco ball and watch it start dancing — group up more zombies on the dance floor, and only target zombies with the disco ball currently over their heads.

The disco ball will jump to the nearest zombie after shooting the dancing dead. Stay on the dance floor to be safe, and keep shooting zombies until the disco ball stops spawning.

Step #14: Fight the Rat King [Third Encounter]

The final Rat King symbol will now appear on the street outside the Theater. Defeat him for the third and final (standard) battle, and you’ll earn the Rat King Heart.

Return to Pam Grier at the Black Cat Dojo and talk to her with the Eye, Brain and Heart in your possession. Now you can finally initiate the last boss of this Easter egg.

Final Step: Initiate the Last Boss


To initiate the ending boss, travel down to the Rat King’s Lair and complete a round. Beware, you’ll be trapped in the lair until the boss battle is complete, so don’t go down until you’re ready for a lengthy fight.

Before we can begin the other phases, you’ll need to damage the Rat King enough to force him to retreat. This is just like any other boss fight. Watch out for the loads of zombies.

  • NOTE: Use Chi abilities to smash the wooden crates in the boss arena to buy new perks when you need them.

When the area is clear, you’ll be free to select one of three phases — you’ll need to complete all three phases, but they can be completed in any order.

  • Eye Phase: Scan the arena [L1] to view symbols on the ceiling. Keep shooting the symbols as fast as you can until you get the gong sound effect.
  • Brain Phase: Avoid killing the blue-eyed zombies. Kite them into the brain in the center, and allow them to attack. Eventually they’ll destroy the brain, completing this step.
  • Heart Phase: The trickiest phase causes acid to fill the outer perimeter of the arena. Lead zombies onto the pools of acid and get kills to temporarily cleanse the area of acid. Don’t stay in the acid too long, either!

The Rat King will reappear between each phase. Grab the Max Ammo from the center and damage the King until he retreats once again, allowing you to start up another phase.

Defeat the Rat King after the third phase, and you’ll finally have the Soul Key unlocked. Grab it to witness the ending cutscene.

[Check out more videos from Youtuber NoahJ456 here.]

Everything Else You Can Unlock

If you’ve managed to complete the Easter egg, there are two amazing unlocks available for you to grab in Shaolin Shuffle.

  • The Katana
  • Playable Pam Grier

The Katana is available in the Black Cat Dojo. It isn’t just an insane melee weapon, it can also be Pack-a-Punched twice for even more powerful special abilities.


Playable Pam Grier, the Shaolin Sister, is also available after you exit your successful Easter egg run. Go back to the Custom Match screen with Shaolin Shuffle selected, and input a code.

  • Pam Grier Unlock Code: Up, Up, Right, Left, Down, Left

You’ll need to input that code every time to play as her — she isn’t the first playable celebrity guest in Infinite Warfare either. You can also earn David Hasselhoff and Kevin Smith — yeah, Pam Grier is the best option.

That’s everything we’ve found (so far!) for the Shaolin Shuffle Easter egg. If you need extra help, want more clarification, or have info to share, let us know in the comments section below!

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