Evil Dead: The Game Gameplay Trailer Playable characters

Saber Interactive made an appearance at Summer Game Fest to show off the first look at the gameplay of its upcoming Evil Dead: The Game. It’s a 4v1 co-op title in which four players get to play humans fighting evil, while one player is the Demon, trying to kill all of them. We didn’t get a release date, but the game is still set for a 2021 launch on PC, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch.

It was a given that we were going to be able to play as Ash Williams, but a few other playable characters were visible in the Evil Dead gameplay trailer. Playable characters who’ll be available at launch include Ash, Scotty, Lord Arthur, Kelly Maxwell, Pablo Simon Bolivar, and others. Another thing to note is that melee kills are apparently going to be a big thing because we saw several brutal, gory melee finishing moves in the game, though characters will also carry guns. Cars will also apparently play a role, as we see two of them — including Ash’s Oldsmobile Delta — in the trailer.

The point of Evil Dead: The Game, according to Saber, is to fight off the Deadites long enough to gather key items, such as pages of the Necronomicon, in order to banish the Kandarian Demon. However, a fifth player will be on the field as the Demon. The Demon has powers of possession that allow it to ambush the heroes. Overall, it looks a lot like some combination of Friday the 13th and Left 4 Dead. And speaking of villains, it appears Evil Ash will also make an appearance in the game, but it’s not clear yet for which side he’ll be playing.

It wouldn’t be an Evil Dead property if it didn’t have a lot of weapons, and there will be more than 25 of them in the game, including the chainsaw and Ash’s Boomstick. Characters will also have skill trees that the player can level up as they progress. Stay tuned for a final release date for this gory title.

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