Ex-EGM Subscribers Get Boob-Filled Severance Package

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Subscribers with remaining balances on their EGM subscriptions will reportedly receive an equal number of Maxims as compensation.

After the folding of Electronic Gaming Monthly magazine as a result of UGO’s acquisition of 1UP, many subscribers were left wondering what would be done with their remaining subscriptions.It appears the answer has come in the form of boobs and low brow humor via Maxim Magazine.

Subscribers’ first replacement issue, “[…] comes with a note that subscribers can instead opt for a pro-rated refund for the balance of their EGM subscription.” This leaves subscribers with the option of either waiting what will surely be months for a $15 dollar check or just accepting a monthly dose of Spike TV caliber writing and double Ds.

While mammaries for exclusive Mario pics may seem like a fair trade to some EGM subscribers, it’s important to note that the magazine is replacing a videogame periodical with a young readership. The magazine’s trademark saucy pictorials and articles are almost certain to rub unaware parents the wrong way.

While Maxim does in fact, cover videogames, its one paragraph reviews are usually of little interest to hardcore gamers.

Source: Kotaku.com

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