Developers behind Rainbow Studios’ off-road racers have jumped to their own studio, TimeFly.

Brad Ruminer, Dennis Booth, and Glenn O’Bannon, three former workers at Rainbow Studios (ATV Offroad Fury), have left to launch TimeFly Studios. Headquartered in Scottsdale, Arizona, TimeFly has been licensed for development by Nintendo, Microsoft and Sony.

TimeFly’s management intends to emphasize the quality of life led by its employees.

“We have industry-standard pay and benefits plus some perks right now that very few small companies can provide,” said Vice resident Glenn O’Bannon. “And one of our founding principles is to maintain a fun family atmosphere no matter how big we get. We want people to have a blast working here!”

“Design-oriented development with proper project management will allow us to develop games on-time and on-budget, while minimizing the long term ‘crunch’ periods traditionally associated with game development,” added Dennis Booth, TimeFly’s president.

Booth boasted the company’s gameplay goals, “It’s important for today’s games to look and sound amazing, but looks alone aren’t enough. Our games will focus on gameplay first, to be supported and enhanced by spectacular visuals and audio.”

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