Exclusive New Screens from DC Universe Online


SOE blessed us with some new screenshots from the upcoming MMO brawler DC Universe Online.

I’m cautiously excited for DCUO. After speaking to Chris Cao and Marv Wolfman at San Diego Comic Con this year, I was impressed with the amount of effort that SOE is putting into the authentic DC story and the unique MMO mechanics. I got the sense that DCUO was more of a multiplayer brawler than a true RPG. Even though characters can embody a branch of the Holy Trinity to tank, heal, or deal damage, they each do so through fighting the bad guys. Having DC guys like Marv Wolfman (who’s written content for Superman in six different decades) and Jim Lee at the helm of the story will ensure that the tasks and quests in the game closely mirror what you might expect from a real DC comic. The new screens released today to The Escapist show off some of the tactics with closeups of heroes fighting in locales like Metropolis University.

I will be traveling to the SOE offices in Denver later this week to check out the latest build of the game and chat with the creators on how the game is progressing. If these screenshots are any indication, I’m sure that I won’t be disappointed with DC Universe Online.

I mean, you and your friends get to fight alongside heroes and villains like Batman and Lex Luthor. It would take a colossal screwup to mess that formula up.

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