Selfloss gameplay trailer Alexander Goodwin The Escapist Indie Showcase exclusive reveal adventure PC Steam Q1 2022 release date

Exclusively at The Escapist Indie Showcase today, solo developer Alexander Goodwin revealed a new gameplay trailer for Selfloss, a story-driven adventure game slated to launch on PC via Steam in Q1 2022. You play as an old man traversing a land informed by ancient Russian / Slavic and Icelandic myths, and the light in your staff helps you to vanquish enemies and also heal wounded souls with the ceremony of “selfloss.” The old man is hoping to help an animal whose cries he can hear in the distance.

Selfloss has already garnered some minor accolades to date, including being a recipient of Epic Games’ Epic MegaGrants, so the buzz is only going to keep growing now that this new gameplay trailer is here to enjoy. It demonstrates various aspects of gameplay, like how you can travel on foot or on your boat, and combat is not strictly hack-and-slash. As Goodwin explains in the Steam description, “You control the player character and his staff simultaneously. The magic staff levitates around the protagonist, generating various light spells.”

The game world revolves around whale worship, and its colors were selected in accordance with “simultaneous contrast theory” inspired by post-impressionism. That explains how the Selfloss gameplay trailer has such a strong visual identity. Look forward to more of the game as its release date approaches next year, and stay tuned for more details during our post-show.

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