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Polish indie developer Paradark Studio has offered up a reveal trailer for ExeKiller, a sci-fi FPS where players step into the boots of a bounty hunter hungry for work in a western open world, and it’s coming to PC via Steam. The ExeKiller trailer packs in references to movies like The Godfather and Sudden Impact, among other things, and looks utterly slick. The single-player action adventure game is Paradark’s first game but still manages to impress with its futuristic setting, seeping with sepia tones and gun-slinging cowboys.

This first look at ExeKiller, in some ways, hearkens back to that old Prey 2 demo we saw from Bethesda around a decade ago, but as seen on Paradark’s Steam page, this game might be even more ambitious. ExeKiller takes place in an alternate New York in 1998, 20 years after the “Great Fire Disaster” set the world ablaze. With only 30% of humanity still inhabiting Earth, chaos ensues. As an ExeKiller, this world’s version of a futuristic bounty hunter, players collect biochip components called S.O.U.L.S. from their targets.

Paradark promises “massive replayability” with myriad options when approaching any situation. With different weapons and gadgets, whether you kill your target, set them free, or bring them to justice is up to you. Stealth will factor into gameplay as well.

Despite the lots of sand and barren wastelands shown in the trailer, the world of ExeKiller will have diverse regions, all of which are packed with plenty of things out to kill you. The post-apocalyptic New York will be “dramatically affected” by the game’s day/night cycle, with weather and sun storms playing a part in the adventure. In addition to what’s available on the Steam page, hopping over to Paradark’s Twitter account reveals a few more screenshots, which you can see below.

ExeKiller is only slated to release “when it’s ready,” so it might be a while before we get any release information.

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