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To fully upgrade Mother Base in Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain, Big Boss needs a huge stockpile of fuel, biological and metal resources. There’s common, minor and precious metals to collect, too — and there’s never enough. Learn how to get all the resources you’ll need with multiple farming methods.

To get your revenge against Skullface, you’ll need to upgrade Mother Base to unlock the best weapons and gear. It’s easy to run low fast, unless you take advantage of these farming methods, especially late in the game. Once the Cargo upgrade is researched for the Fulton Device, it’s possible to grab huge containers. All three methods below rely on the level 3 Fulton, so upgrade as soon as you can!

Mother Base Resources Farming Guide

Before attempting any of these methods, you’ll need the Level 3 Fulton upgrade to collect large cargo containers.

Also, upgrade the Base Management Platform to Level 3 or Level 4 as soon as possible to quickly convert unprocessed resources into usable processed resources.

Precious metals aren’t required in large numbers like other resources. Feel free to sell huge quantities of processed precious metals for huge GMP profits.

Farming – When to Restart / Return to ACC

While farming, wait until a message appears confirming Mother Base has acquired the resources. Leave the area where you’ve fultoned cargo and wait for a save icon to appear in the upper-right HUD.

When you get that save icon, open the options menu — here you can ‘Restart’ or ‘Return to ACC’ depending on when you want to complete the farm. Any resources sent to Mother Base will remain if you restart or return.

Method #1: Mission 21 – Fuel / Biological

In Mission 21: The War Economy, travel to the right-most back gate of the Nova Braga Airport from the helicopter insertion point.

Right next to the gate, pick the lock to find several easy-to-access cargo containers. There’s 9,000 Fuel here, one of the most valuable resources.

Method #2: Mission 18 – Common Metal

Mission 18: Blood Runs Deep is a trickier farming location. The cargo containers provide about 8,000 common metal, and they’re all located out in the open in the closest guard outpost from the spawn point.

To quickly farm, you’ll need to make sure guards don’t see you. Knock out or kill all the guards without raising an alarm, then fulton the cargo containers.

Method #3 [Advanced]: Mission 12 – Fuel / Precious Metal

To complete this method, you’ll need to do unlock the Wormhole Fulton upgrade. This R&D project isn’t available until after finishing Side Op 50 — one of the Legendary animal capture Side Ops.

What’s special about Wormhole Fulton? You can extract soldiers and cargo indoors! Enter the Metal Gear ST-84 Hangar after the cutscene once you sneak past the Power Plant.

Move up the catwalks on the left side of the cave after taking care of the two guards on the ground floor. Up a few floors, you’ll find cargo containers.

To get a save, go to the front-most catwalk where there’s an intel document. Scan it to get a checkpoint. Now you can restart and farm — this is the fastest method to get infinite fuel, precious and common metals.

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