Expand Your Zombi Inventory With These Bag Upgrade Locations

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Be prepared for anything in Zombi with these backpack upgrade locations, allowing you to carry more weapons and items through an undead-infested London.

Now out on Playstation 4 and Xbox One, Zombi adds a punishing death system to a difficult first-person survival horror experience. Each death is permanent, and you’ll always restart as a new random survivor with none of your old gear. But, there are some permanent upgrades you can collect to make the experience just slightly easier. See how to expand the backpack with the gear locations below.

Bug-Out-Bag Upgrade Locations

Nothing is easy in the deadly world of Zombi. If you want to upgrade your inventory space, you’ll need to find larger BOBs (bug-out-bags) hidden in the environment.

There are three of these backpacks; the first can’t be missed, the other two are found later in the game and are easy to lose if you’re running from a swarm of zombies.

1. Bug-Out-Bag Location:

This can’t be missed. It’s story-related — you will always get the first backpack after taking the cricket bat and killing a zombie.

2. XL Bug-Out-Bag Location:

The first backpack upgrade is located in Buckingham Palace. You’re here on a mission to take a book for the Doctor. Collect it in the office to open a hidden hatch in the cabinet to the right.

Crawl inside and turn right. The narrow path leads to another turn, then an alcove with the backpack upgrade in the back corner. Take it to expand your item and weapon storage space.

3. XXL Bug-Out-Bag Location:

The last backpack upgrade is hidden in SpitalFields Green. Enter the area through Quaker Park and travel up to a green courtyard with an open gate covered with warning signs.

Through the gate, you’ll find a minefield in the park area. As you enter, immediately turn right and follow the wall. There’s a hole in the fence in the corner. Crawl through and activate the bomb in the rubble on your left.

Once the debris is cleared away, you’ll be able to enter a small area through the blasted wall. The XXL bag is on the ground, in the right corner.

Trophies Unlocked

BOB Is Your Best Friend (Bronze):
Pickup a backpack (Bug-Out-Bag)

Expanded Backpack (Silver):
Get the XL BOB

Expanded Storage (Gold):
Get the XXL BOB

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