Experiencing Problems with New Game+ in Witcher 3? Get the Fix Here

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The final free DLC released for Witcher 3 includes a difficult New Game+ mode for completing its lengthy story. Some have experienced problems loading save files that don’t register correctly. If you’ve completed the campaign but get errors when attempting to import, check out the fix right here.

Be warned, New Game+ is extremely hard — when you can get it working. In this add-on mode, your high-level Geralt is transplanted back to the start of the story with all his unlocked abilities and gear intact. The world changes accordingly to make life far more challenging. If you’re looking for a way to extend Witcher 3 even more and continue to gain levels through adversity, see how to solve the import error with our how-to.

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New Game+ Save Game Error Fix

If you’re experiencing “Game Not Completed On This File” error messages, you’re not alone. To properly prepare a New Game+ file, follow the instructions below.

Note: Before attempting to start New Game+, make sure you have; (1) Completed the Story (2) Downloaded the latest update & New Game+ DLC

  • 1. Load an old save file near the end of the story.
  • 2. When gameplay begins, a message should appear onscreen. Save again. Now your save file is properly updated.
  • 3. Start New Game+, select the latest / same save file you just created to import.

Save files made before the latest update are not compatible with New Game+, they must be updated before New Game+ becomes available. A message will appear when a file is done loading, informing Geralt that New Game+ is now available.

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