Exploit God of War 3: Remastered for Infinite Health on Titan Difficulty

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Kratos doesn’t have to play fair with this God of War 3: Remastered exploit, unlocking invincibility or infinite item use on any difficulty.

Unlike those Godly Possession cheats, this exploit won’t block players from earning trophies. That’s why bug-hunters are using it to quickly complete God of War 3‘s hardest difficulty level Titan Mode with ease. This little oversight in programming doesn’t really make the game fun or fair, but if you’re curious and want to learn how it’s done, check out the guide below for more details.

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Infinite Health & Max Items Exploit

Note: This exploit is (most likely) an unintended error that may be fixed in future updates. Use at your own risk!

To use this exploit, Kratos must fulfill two prerequesites:

  • 1. Complete God of War 3 on any difficulty. This includes Easy.
  • 2. Complete every Challenge of Olympus and have the Combat Arena unlocked.

With these two tasks done, it’s possible to take advantage of this exploit, allowing Kratos to enter Titan difficulty with maximum upgraded weapons and invincibility.

To activate this exploit and enter Titan difficulty with all the aforementioned bonuses listed above, follow these steps;

  • 1. Start the Combat Arena and set Health/Magic/Item to “Infinite”, set Difficulty to “Titan” and set Creature 1 to “Gorgon”. Arena backdrop doesn’t matter. Set the monster count to “3” or so.
  • 2. In the arena, die to the Gorgons from being turned to stone while jumping in mid-air. Select “Restart Combat Arena” after death, then repeat.
  • 3. Repeatedly die to the Gorgons by turning to stone while jumping mid-air. Eventually, a message will appear; “Would You Like To Switch To Easy Mode?” — select “No”.
  • 4. You’ll return to the Main Menu after selecting “No”. Now, simply start a New Game on Titan difficulty and all the options you set in Combat Arena will remain.

Yes, that means Kratos starts Titan difficulty with infinite Health/Magic/Item meter. Even a God of War would call that overkill.

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