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Explore the infected dungeons for awesome loot with these quarantine zone locations available in Dying Light.

Quarantine Zones are unique instances found throughout the infected city where Dying Light takes place. These environments are always populated by swarms of undead, and your parkour-sporting hero either needs to collect supplies or wipe out every zombie. Make sure to load up with a few powerful weapons before attempting to take these dangerous locations down.

Finding all eight quarantine zone locations unlocks the “Trespassing” trophy / achievement. After completing one of these zones, the rest will appear on your map as a biohazard symbol when you’re near. Try checking your map often while tracking zones down to make life easier.

Quarantine Zone Locations Guide

There are eight (8) quarantine zones in Dying Light. Five (5) are found in the Slums, while the final three (3) are located in Old Town.

Slums Quarantine Zones

Quarantine Zone #1: Bright Mountain Tunnel

  • Follow the train tracks located in the center of the Slums south until they hit a concrete tunnel into the barrier mountain along the lower edge of the map.

Quarantine Zone #2: Chemical Storage

  • In the southwestern corner of the Slums, look for a large gated-off warehouse. The chain-link fence is covered with “Quarantine Zone” yellow warning stickers. There’s a doorway providing access to the interior along the side of the building.

Quarantine Zone #3: Sunny Apartments

  • Around the center-west section of the Slums, try to unlock a safe zone with a bed and store. Almost directly north of this location, across the street, there’s an apartment building. Slide under the hole in the wall and look for a back-entrance.

Quarantine Zone #4: Stuffed Turtle

  • Check out the train depots in the center of the Slums, then travel east in search of a food market nearby. The parking lot is full of discarded cars and a yellow ambulance.

Quarantine Zone #5: Underground Parking

  • The very next large structure north of the Stuffed Turtle market is where you’ll find another quarantine zone. There’s a large horseshoe shaped apartment building here, circle around to the back and step up to the barricaded underground parking garage door.

Old Town Quarantine Zones

Quarantine Zone #1: New Antalya Apartments

  • There’s a big square apartment building in the southwestern corner of Old Town. It’s easy to spot — the entire structure is covered with yellow/black plastic.

Quarantine Zone #2: Parking Lot

  • Moving north from the apartment building, stay near the western edge of the map. On the middle-western facing wall, there’s another large square-ish structure completely covered in yellow/black warning plastic. The door is down a ramp leading underground.

Quarantine Zone #3: Striped Dragon Hotel

  • Sticking around the western barrier of the Old Town map, continue north. Across the water-way is a nice street dotted with planted trees. There’s also a hotel — search for the Dragon Hotel sign and a door wrapped up in the same plastic as the other quarantine locations found in this area.

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