Explore the Krypt With Every Mortal Kombat X Item Location

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Learn how to conquer the Krypt in Mortal Kombat X with all twelve item locations.

To spend all those Koins, you’ll have to enter Krypt mode. Unlike MK9 and it’s empty environment, the spooky Krypt is crawling with secrets.

To progress and enter every hidden chamber, you’ll need special items. Some require solving puzzles, but most follow a straight-forward progression path from the Krypt entrance. See where to go and what to do to get them all, including the secretive Kamidogu.

Krypt Items Locations Guide

The Krypt is a first-person exploration mode where you spend koins earned in-game to unlock concept art, costumes, brutalities and fatalities.

Random monsters appear while exploring. Press the button that appears and you’ll earn a few hundred koins.

Check every grave/body/tomb for prices. Some are very cheap — often these containers hold bonus koins.

If you hear a strange sound or see a flash of light, be aware that the Krypt is full of treasure that only appear for a short time. Watch the Krypt klock and wait near raised concrete squares. Often you’ll find a cheap treasure in these special containers.

Certain areas feature puzzles that require some problem-solving or a specific item to progress. Check the list below to find every item, in order, and what each is used for.

NOTE: While exploring, check the numbers in the corner — there are two sets of digits that change with each step you take. Those numbers chart out the squares that make up the maps. Use the numbers beside the area name in each entry to easily find where you need to go.

Scorpion’s Spear

  • Cemetery (-13,19) – Find the spear lodged in a tree while exploring the Dead Woods Cemetery area’s exterior.

Sub-Zero’s Iceball

  • Cemetery (-21,20) – The Iceball is also found in the starting crypt area. This item doesn’t become useful until you’ve collected Kenshi’s Sword and enter Shao Khan’s Tomb.

Raiden’s Staff

  • Spider Tunnels (5,11) – Simply explore the Spider Tunnels to find the staff. To reach the tunnels, travel to (3,9) in the Cemetery. The entrance is in the starting area, partially obscured by spiderwebs. Interact with Shao Khan statues when they appear to teleport to hidden rooms.

Kung Lao’s Hat

  • Spider Tunnels (-7,12) – Like Raiden’s Staff, there are no obstacles to stop you from finding the hat. Enter the Spider Tunnels at (3,9) in the Krypt Entrance. This sharp-brimmed hat is used to cut down a bridge at (-10,21).

Spider Gem

  • Spider Tunnels (18,10) – Travel to (18,3) in the caves after picking up Scorpion’s Spear. Use it to cross the gap and get the fancy key. Use the Spider Gem (4,26) to open the locked door and discover extra containers.

Reptile’s Claw

  • Spider Tunnels (6,30) – Collect Raiden’s Staff to cross into the separate section of the cave map. Teleport at (20,18) and you’ll find claws against a web-filled wall.

Kotal Khan’s Sword

  • Spider Tunnels (17,34) – Travel to the locked puzzle door. There are four switches to different numerical amounts of spider icons. Push the switches in the order of “4-3-2-1” to open the door and collect the sword.

Kenshi’s Sword

  • Spiders Tunnels (5,40) – Bring Kotal Khan’s sword to the spider-webs and slash through. Kenshi’s sword is the last item in the caves. Use it to enter a tomb (-2,18) in the cemetery.

Liu Kang’s Fireball

  • Shao Khan’s Tomb (0,6) – The first item you find when entering Shao Kahn’s tomb. It’s hard to miss. Find the entrance at (-2,18) in the cemetery and pass through the souls using Kenshi’s Sword. Use the fireball to melt ice at (-20,4) in the cemetery.

Ermac’s Medallion

  • Shao Khan’s Tomb (-5,18) – Don’t miss the pendant hidden in a tomb shelf. Find it in the northwest corner.

Jax’s Rocket Launcher

  • Shao Khan’s Tomb (0,9) – To get a bazooka, you’ll need to activate three seals in the tomb. One is east, one is west, and one is north. Use Sub-Zero’s Iceball to freeze a path at (-8,14), use Reptile’s Claw to climb up at (-5,28) and use Ermac’s Medallion (9,14) to cross the blood water. Press all three buttons to open the tomb doors and get the launcher.


  • Cemetery (-11,13) – Bring Jax’s Rocket Launcher to the gate in the north of the cemetery. Blow it up, then gamble at the statue. Bet the full amount, 10,000 koins, and you’ve got a chance to win the Kamidogu. Take it to (-23, 18) in the cemetery to access the Netherrealm’s treasures.

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