We are few, but we are strong. Sadly however, sometimes our strength doesn’t make up for that whole part wherein we are few.

As you can see, this video required more than just a few extra hands on deck. For a start, Kathleen is our only regularly appearing lady-type, and this called for another, so we brought in our friend Holly to play the PTA treasurer and apparent fan of things green. Kathleen donned a voluminous wig for Karen, soccer mom par excellence, and James and Paul stepped into their roles as working-class dad and set-upon principal. But what of the rest of the attendees?

We put out a call for extras on our Twitter (@loadingreadyrun) and on the blog at LoadingReadyRun.com, only a day before the shoot. We were lucky enough to have 13 people show up, some of whom we knew from other LRR-related events, some we’d never met before. Huge thanks to all those who came out for it!

As you can see in the video, we have shot many, many videos in and around our local university-most of the ones mentioned above during the 2008 season. We realized that year that we’d been leaning on the university a bit… also after 2008 none of us were actively attending it, so telling security we were “shooting a student project” was a little harder to defend. These days we just don’t care.

This is the first video in a while that was “room written”, that meaning a video written by a room of folks, rather than one or two people. We had gotten together on a Friday some weeks ago, with the intention of shooting a video that fell through for reasons I don’t recall. So we figured we’d make use of the time and write something. James, Paul, Kathleen, Andy (who happened to be in town that weekend) and myself cobbled the script together, coming up with ideas that no single writer would have thought of. It was a fun experience. Every time we do it, we want to do it more, but our schedule rarely allows it.

We hope you all enjoyed the video!

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