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Extraction 2 Trailer Teases 21-Minute, Single-Shot Action Scene

Extraction 2 official trailer Netflix Russo Brothers Chris Hemsworth sequel snow 21-minute single-shot action sequence

Spoiler alert: Tyler Rake is not dead. The very existence of Extraction 2 should have probably clued you into that fact (not to mention the tease at the end of the first movie or the teaser trailer for 2 from last month), but with the official trailer for Netflix’s massive action blockbuster landing, that fact is even more clear. The Extraction 2 trailer, crammed full of mostly action, reveals that Tyler survived the deadly shootout at the end of the last film and has been going full Rocky IV by training on a snowy farm to get himself back into shape.

The film picks up pretty soon after the first movie ends, with Tyler Rake struggling to get back to his black ops ways as he’s unsure of his place in the world after growing a heart in the first film. Thankfully, he’s hired on a new mission to rescue the family of a crime lord from a prison they’re being held in. However, it appears that he has some sort of personal connection to the people he’s rescuing and eventually must shoot everyone to save them all. It’s very much in line with the story of the first film, which helped save the summer blockbuster during the pandemic, and looks to be just as packed with surprisingly creative action as well.

Joe and Anthony Russo returned to produce the film as it’s based on a story they developed, and Extraction‘s director, Sam Hargrave, also came back. Hargrave has easily proven his chops as a fantastic action director, and this time around he’s bringing a 21-minute single-shot action sequence where Hemsworth is at one point duking it out while his fist is on fire like some character out of Street Fighter.

Also returning is Golshifteh Farahani. Adam Bessa, Olga Kurylenko, Daniel Bernhardt and Tinatin Dalakishvili join the cast to round out the characters. There’s also what looks to be about a hundred extras that Hemsworth dispatches with his fists and guns.

Extraction 2 will land on Netflix on June 16.

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