Get ready to break out your wallets, because Amazon’s got a couple of great deals for you.

Just because it’s no longer selling codes for XBLA games doesn’t mean that Amazon isn’t selling Live subscriptions. It turns out that today is a good day for some online shopping, since Amazon’s doing another one of its awesome sales for gamers, this time with an Xbox theme. The site currently has Fable 3 and Xbox Live subscriptions on sale for a serious discount.

Today, 12-month Live subscriptions are selling for $40 (a $20 discount), while Fable 3 is going for $28 (as opposed to $59.99 like it normally is). If you’re an RPG fan and still haven’t picked up Fable 3, this is a great opportunity to see what all the hype was about. Supplies are undoubtedly limited, so you should probably act sooner rather than later if either of these sound like good purchases.

Amazon links:
Fable 3
Xbox Live 12-Month Subscription Card

Source: Joystiq

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