Spark Unlimited CEO Craig Allen defended his company’s Turning Point: Fall of Liberty FPS against mediocre review scores, saying “core gamers” were never its intended audience.

In an interview with, Allen suggested that game reviewers are inherently more critical than the game’s intended mass market audience, leading to the lukewarm response and disappointing reviews. The game has been rated 5/10 by IGN and 3/10 by Game Informer.

“I think that when you try to do games that are about a mass market, and Turning Point is definitely a high concept idea, that with the time and money we had we did the best to execute on, our target was not really the core gamer,” Allen said. “I think we’re finding that the people who look at it like, ‘Is this going to be fun, something I can drop into, a world I haven’t seen before and have a good time?’ really love the game.”

“People … are looking at it with more of a critical eye of, ‘Is this game revolutionary, is it doing play mechanics I’ve never seen before, is it driving new technology?’ It was never meant to do those things,” he continued. “If people look at it in the right way, I think they really enjoy what they see. You can certainly look at it and say it’s not revolutionary, so those opinions are certainly a lot more critical.”

Turning Point: Fall of Liberty was released on February 26 in North America for the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC. European and Australian releases of the game will take place later this month.

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