Fallout 4‘s PC gameplay speeds up when you increase the fps. So will you cap your framerate, or embrace the Benny Hill antics?

Fallout 4 is finally here, and players around the world are gleefully diving into the Wasteland once more. That includes PC gamers excited to free themselves from the console version’s framerate restrictions – or so they thought. It turns out when Bethesda promised there would be no fps limitations on the PC version, they didn’t mention gameplay changes. In short: If you raise Fallout 4‘s fps, it exponentially speeds up Fallout 4‘s gameplay.

Let’s break this down. If PC players want to play at higher framerates on well-equipped gaming rigs, they have to edit the game files to remove limitations – that much is fine. But once you start going over 60 or 72fps, things get weird. Fallout 4 recordings at 140fps are noticeably fast, with players moving and dropping objects at double-speed. These speeds increase alongside your fps, meaning gamers on high-end units quickly reach a point where the game is unplayable.

What this means is Fallout 4‘s engine, for whatever reason, has tied its gameplay speed to the framerate. And while Bethesda is technically correct that “resolution and fps are not limited in any way”, this quirk still puts an effective framerate cap in place. After all, for some players this was the entire motivation for picking up the PC version.

But perhaps modders can salvage this situation into something incredible and hilarious. Let’s call it Benny Hill Mode”. All you need is a perk which can be activated once a certain number of NPC enemies are in range. While active, the game speed is increased, the chase music flips on, and no character’s health can be reduced below 1 HP.

Come on, modders. Let’s take this framerate glitch and turn it into the best Bethesda mod since Skyrim‘s Macho Dragon Mod. I dare you.

Source: TechnoBuffalo

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