Fallout 4 Still Has No Mods on PS4, But Bethesda Wants Them “As Fast As Humanly Possible”


Bethesda VP Pete Hines says that the PS4 mod program for Fallout 4 is still under “evaluation.”

Ever since Fallout 4 mods came to Xbox One, PS4 players have been waiting patiently for mods to arrive on their console as well. When Bethesda began testing mods, they ran into some issues, and eventually had to delay the launch of mods. Last we heard, Bethesda still didn’t have a date for the launch of PS4 mods, but the company was working on it.

In a new interview with Metro, Bethesda Vice President of PR and Marketing Pete Hines wasn’t able to shed any new light on the situation. When asked if Sony was holding up mods or if the problem was with Bethesda, Hines simply said,

“All I can say is that it is undergoing an evaluation process and as soon as it’s done, and we have more info, we’re gonna let everyone know.”

He was then asked if it was a technical issue, or if the company had decided not to move forward with mods. Hines replied,

“We haven’t said. [laughs] It’s definitely not that we’ve decided not to do it, we absolutely, positively want to get PS4 mods out as fast as humanely possible.”

Mods have been fairly successful so far on Xbox One, so it stands to reason that Bethesda would want to get them out on PS4 as soon as possible. It’s unlikely that we’ll ever hear exactly what has held them up this long, but hopefully Bethesda and Sony will figure out the issues soon.

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