If you think it’d be neat to apply the Fallout conversation system to the real world, watch this and change your mind.

Comedy sketch group Busted Pixel is dedicated to creating funny content revolving around videogames. The concept of their latest video was to bring the conversation system from Fallout into the real world. It sounds silly in nature, but ends up becoming pretty strange in practice.

The video is called Relationship Fallout, and shows what happens when a cheating boyfriend uses Fallout conversation skills on his girlfriend that awaits him when he returns home late. The guy definitely should have put more points into Charisma.

The girlfriend questions him about his previous whereabouts, and he can either say he was at work (a lie), say he lost track of time, or try to sleep with her. He mistakenly chooses to lie, and she catches him in it. He tries to lie again, to no avail. This girl isn’t a pushover.

Then, the video takes a dark twist. The boyfriend decides to take a hit in Karma and murders his girlfriend with a statuette. It’s cute when Vault Boy lets you know of your good and bad deeds in the virtual world, but it’s just creepy when he informs someone his Karma has gone down for a real life murder. Maybe Busted Pixel could revisit this idea and come up with a lighter example next time.

Source: Busted Pixel, via Kotaku

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