Fallout: Nuka Break looks like an innocent Fallout fan film, but it could be a viral marketing campaign in disguise.

Wayside Creations has released the final version of its Fallout fan film the group of filmmakers teased last year. Fallout: Nuka Break is the short tale of a slightly overweight vault dweller named Twig, his somewhat disloyal ghoul companion Ben, and the level-headed Scarlet that they free from slavers. Twig and Ben must be going for positive Karma.

The funny part about the film is how it’d absolutely be a piece of viral marketing for Nuka Cola, if it were a real soft drink. Twig’s home, Vault 10, was sponsored by Nuka Cola and designed solely to test food dispensers. Over time, Vault 10’s dwellers just got larger and larger. Twig came out as the skinniest of the bunch, but still had a raging addiction to Nuka Cola.

Fallout: Nuka Break follows Twig as he pines for even a single sip of the soda while traveling across the wasteland. Along the way, his group encounters bounty hunters and strange merchants they use their Speech skills on to avoid being shot. It works, most of the time.

The film mentions New Vegas and features a short segment of Twig using V.A.T.S, as just two examples of how it’s faithful to Fallout. Wayside Creations is hoping that the film can remain online as a fan creation, which is explained by Vault Boy’s lawyer before it starts. I think it would have been killed by now if Bethesda had an issue, so Wayside should be in the clear. Now sit back, relax, crack open a refreshingly smooth Nuka Cola, and enjoy the show.

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