Fallout recently took a turn for the feline in a new cosplay transforming a house-cat into a post-apocalyptic Vault dweller.

One thing that’s remained a mainstay of the Fallout franchise over the years has been its dedication to giving players a dog. Said dog usually doesn’t last very long once the shooting starts, but it’s still always nice to have them. Sadly, cats in the Fallout universe haven’t been so lucky. Unlike with its canines, the future of Fallout is one where people stopped pampering their cat and instead ate them into oblivion. Even so, there are still fans out there who like to imagine what a Fallout cat might look like.

And if a recent cosplay is any indicator, they wouldn’t look too different from people. Dubbed “Catmeat” by its creator, the cosplay in question transformed a rather cranky feline into a somewhat confused looking Vault survivor. The cosplay was made as part of a 5-hour craft challenge and was made using a children’s shirt, pieces of leather and more. Some later images also added in a snake because “Tunnel Snakes Rule!”

It goes without saying that this cosplay is completely and 100 percent for fun. That being the case, we’d be lying if it didn’t leave us with a bit of hankering to see what cats could like in a title like Fallout 4. Granted, we don’t relish the prospect of scooping a virtual litterbox, but, then again, that doesn’t stop us from getting cats in the real world. Take a look at the full gallery and let us know what you think.
Source: Cat Cosplay

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