Fallout: New Vegas Incremental Update Goes Live on Steam


The “incremental update” for the PC version of Fallout: New Vegas that was promised last week is now available on Steam.

Fallout: New Vegas was a buggy mess when it came out back in October, suffering from issues ranging from the creepy but relatively harmless “Exorcist twist” all the way up to far-too-common show-stopper crashes. Bethesda promised to put out patches “as quickly as possible” just a day after the game launched and revealed yesterday that a big, “comprehensive” patch is in the works for all three platforms and should be out in the next few weeks. While we wait for that to happen, PC gamers can get a little bit of relief thanks to the 1.1.1 update that’s now available on Steam.

The update fixes well over a dozen issues, including:

– Companions now show up as waypoints on the map
– Companions will always fast travel with you, unless told to wait or sent away
– Crafting menu should filter valid (bright) recipes to the top of the list
– Fix: DLC error/save corruption
– Fix: Stuttering with water effects
– Fix: Severe performance issues with DirectX.
– Fix: Controls temporarily disabled after reloading Cowboy Repeater while crouched
– Fixed crash using the Euclid C-Finder while having the Heave Ho perk
– Fix: Entering the strip after Debt Collector causes crash and autosave corruption
– Fix: Using Mojave Express dropbox can cause DLC warnings
– Fixed crash when buying duplicate caravan cards from a vendor in a single transaction
– Fix: Sitting down while looking down a weapon’s ironsights leaves player control locked
– Fix: If a companion is knocked uncon. with broken limbs they stay broken on respawn
– Fix for varmint night scope effect persisting in kill cam.
– Fix for giving companions armor that adds STR does not increase their carry weight
– Fix NPC Repair menu displays DAM as DPS
– Having NPC repair service rifle with forged receiver decreases CND

It’s kind of amazing, given the length of that list, that this is just a patch and not the patch. It also makes me happy that I decided to wait to play this thing until the worst of the bugs were squashed.

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