See who survives in Andrew McMurry’s hilarious new video Fallout vs. Skyrim.

When it comes to open world RPGs, Fallout and Skyrim are some of the biggest names in the game. Have you ever wondered though what might happen if the two games crossed paths? Hoping to answer that question, YouTube filmmaker Andrew McMurray recently released a new video exploring the violent possibilities of a showdown between the protagonist of Fallout 3 and Skyrim‘s Dragonborn. The result is a hilarious battle filled to the brim with gaming-centric humor that’s sure to bring a smile to your face.

The video, according to McMurry, is the latest in his new series “Game Wars.”. Fallout vs. Skyrim is the second video in the series, following up on the first which focused on a conflict between Mario and Minecraft. Speaking to The Escapist, McMurry revealed that the creation of Fallout vs. Skyrim was a multi-month process involving two days of filming followed by another two months of effects work. The effects themselves were created with software such as Adobe After Effects, Cinema 4D and TurbulenceFD. A breakdown of the special effects used in the video can be found here.

McMurry himself began making YouTube videos “as a little side project” about three-and-a-half years ago. Inspired by he work of other YouTubers, his initial hope was to use his technical expertise to bring gaming experiences to life using visual effects. When asked which characters he plans to pit against each other next, he couldn’t give a definite answer. That said, he did say that “Gordon vs. Chell” might be a possibility.

Personally, after Fallout vs. Skyrim, I’ll be pumped to watch whatever he releases. Maybe you reacted differently, but this video had me laughing my butt off pretty much from start to finish. The sequence where the two opponents devour food to boost their health is worth watching all on its own. Give it a gander, let us know what you think and check out more of McMurry’s videos on his YouTube channel.

Source: AndrewMFilms

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