It’s Fallout Week at, which is offering 20 percent off a collection of the original post-nuclear classics and a load of very cool bonuses.

Fallout fans have had a busy week, with the big announcement of a new Fallout title being developed by Obsidian followed by hot news about Broken Steel, the upcoming DLC for Fallout 3. And now, with impeccable timing, comes word that the groundbreaking original Fallout lineup can be had in a complete set, all DRM free, for only $14.37!

But that’s not all! As if this collection of the greatest post-nuclear role playing games of all time isn’t enough on its own, gamers who buy now will also get three original soundtrack MP3s, nine hi-res wallpapers, over 300 pieces of artwork taken from all three games, the Fallout Bible with a special introduction by Fallout 2 designer Chris Avellone, a set of forum avatars and scans of all three original game manuals and reference cards.

And there’s more! All week long, GOG will be featuring fun-filled Fallout content on its site including retrospectives, spotlights on the best Fallout mods, more bonus content and even some game giveaways! The party kicks off with a look back at the early days of Fallout development, with commentary by Tim Cain and Chris Taylor, and new material will be added every day.

Individual Fallout titles are still available at $5.99 each but with these crazy savings you can’t afford to not buy them all! Act now and get yours today!

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