Family Guy Peter Griffin Impersonator is So Spot-On It’s Eerie


At the 2014 Allentown Comic Con, a Family Guy cosplayer not only looks the part, but he even talks and acts the same way as Peter Griffin, which you need to watch to believe.

More likely than not, you’ve seen a very good cosplay of something already; but is it as good as this one? Over on the Allentown 2014 Comic Con, a cosplayer by the name of “Real Life Peter Griffin” wowed everyone not just by looking the part of Family Guy’s hefty protagonist (which isn’t that hard to do, admittedly), but even sounding and acting the part. It’s so spot-on, it’s a bit weird and awesome at the same time. Don’t believe me? Check the video for yourself and watch around the 0:30 mark to understand what I’m jabbering on about.

In his Facebook page, Real Life Peter Griffin posted a message to thank his supporters.

I just wanted to say hi to all the new followers. Thanks for following me! It’s amazing how that spontaneous decision I made to join a costume contest turned into a viral sensation hahaha. Thank you all for following! I hope to one day work on family guy and eventually start a voice acting career! If there are any other characters you’d like to hear let me know and I will do them and post them on here! Again thanks all.

In other Family Guy news, series creator Seth McFarlane defends the death and resurrection of Brian, and said he was very surprised at the fan outrage over it.

What do you think of this real life Peter Griffin? I daresay he can be a stand-in if ever there’s a Family Guy real life movie — though I hope that doesn’t come to pass anytime soon. Have you seen another impersonator who not only looked the part but also talked and moved like it, too?

Source: YouTube via Kotaku

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