Artist Michał Skrzypczyk has made some incredible recreations of some of cinema’s most iconic moments.

Star Wars has some of the most versatile and detailed action figures of any fandom, and have been used extensively to recreate fans favorite scenes from the movies. But Polish photographer Michał Skrzypczyk has gone one further, and used his collection of toys to recreate scenes from other movies.

Check out his amazing recreations bellow:

The movies featured (in order) are Kill Bill, The Godfather, King Kong, Platoon, North by Northwest, Silence of the Lambs, Mission Impossible, Metropolis, Nosferatu, and 300. My personal favorite is Metropolis, which puts C3P0 back into the film that inspired his design.

If you like Skrzypczyk’s work, you can actually go and buy prints of these pictures, or check out his Instagram account.

All images used with permission.

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