Fan Cooks up a Video Combining Lego and Breaking Bad


A YouTube poster has created a video showing what a LEGO Breaking Bad game might look like. Spoiler Warning.

Despite having a healthy love of LEGOs, I’ve never quite gotten around to playing any of the LEGO games. It’s not that I think they’re poor or even that I wouldn’t enjoy them, it’s just that with a hefty backlog of unbeaten titles and a constant deluge of new content hitting the market, they’ve never quite risen to the “must-have” level I require before I’m willing to open my wallet. That being said, I can think of a few tie-ins that would be enough to earn my dollars, and standing on the top of the heap would be Breaking Bad.

I’ve had a love affair with Breaking Bad from the moment I started watching it and now, thanks to YouTube poster Brian Anderson, I want nothing more in the world than to experience the epic of Walter White LEGO style. Anderson recently took it upon himself to create a video showing what Breaking Bad would be like as a LEGO game. The video transforms several scenes from the show, including the climax of the episode “Half Measure,” into gameplay sequences, mixing in the visuals and mechanics of other LEGO titles.

The odds of Breaking Bad ever getting the LEGO treatment are about as low as Walter White’s morals. Even so, Anderson’s vision of what could be is a fun look at one of the grittier shows currently on television and a great reminder that with some patience and a few LEGOs there really isn’t much you can’t make.

Source: YouTube

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