Fan Crafts Nearly Perfect Castlevania In Minecraft


What it lacks in upgradeable whips and incendiary holy water, this Minecraft-based fan-made recreation of the original Castlevania more than makes up for in sheer attention to detail.

I’m as much a Castlevania purist as the next fan, so the idea of a recreation of Konami’s classic vampire murder simulator sans chain-link whips and inexplicably weaponized cruciform boomerangs initially struck me as totally pointless. “Castlevania without eccentric weaponry is like pornography for blind dogs — I’m sure there’s a market for it somewhere, but what’s the point?” I thought to myself, as I hit play and settled back to take in the sights of this latest fan-made Minecraft homage.

Then, at about the 1:25 mark in the clip, I suddenly realized that I was very, very impressed by what I was seeing. Not because of the spot-on architecture in Dracula’s castle, or the inspired addition of the classic Castlevania 2D perspective, but because our Simon Belmont analogue smashed open a wall to reveal hidden treasure.

It’s a small touch, but for fans of the series it’s exactly this sort of attention to detail that makes this map so excellent. Of course, that’s only amplified by the fact that its creator rebuilt the entirety of the original Castlevania in Minecraft, from the first level to the very end.

Of course, that kind of epic scope takes work. Lots of it. According to this video’s YouTube description, the map’s creator spent well over 100 hours building this thing brick by brick. Fortunately, none of you have to put in that kind of effort, as the description also includes all the necessary info to download and play through this thing yourselves.

If I can offer one suggestion: If you do end up playing this map, do so while listening to OCRemix’s Castlevania: Sonata Of The Damned album. Trust me on this.

Source: Joystiq

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