Fan Film Gives James Bond the LEGO Treatment


A 007 fan has meticulously recreated Casino Royale‘s opening using nothing but blocks and a lot of patience.

LEGO is an incredibly versatile product, used to create everything from working machinery to reimaginings of popular culture. These days the latter gets a little more attention, helped in no small part by LEGO-based videogames parodying Star Wars, Harry Potter, and Lord of the Rings among others. Now we’re at the point where fans are coming up with LEGO art faster than Traveller’s Tales can license franchises. Fresh on the heels of this month’s LEGO Breaking Bad video, another YouTube user revealed their vision for Casino Royale as rendered in tiny blocks. That’s meant literally by the way; unlike the Breaking Bad piece, this project was made using stop-animation and a meticulous attention to detail.

The video recreates the first 3 minutes of Casino Royale, the James Bond reboot and origin story that took the series in a notably serious and darker direction. As fans will remember, this scene wasn’t action-packed compared to the rest of the movie (a LEGO parkour chase would have been fantastic) but creator coccosnowball makes up for that with a focus on minor details. The entire video renders Casino Royale‘s opening frame-for-frame, ending just as the title sequence begins, to the point that the film’s music and sound effects match the gritty on-screen action.

The concept certainly has potential, but I feel there are other iconic Bond moments that would better suit a LEGO treatment. With fifty years worth of movies and Bond actors to choose from, even entries that stuck out like sore thumbs (looking at you, Moonraker) might fit nicely into a LEGO universe. If we’re really lucky, maybe Traveller’s Tales will consider taking on such a project once LEGO Marvel Super Heroes is out of the way. In the meantime, I’ll settle for a fan film where Bond literally breaks SPECTRE agents to pieces, leading into a highly recognizable LEGO-based opening sequence.

Source: Mashable

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