Fan Film Imagines God of War‘s Awkward Teen Years


If an indie film studio made one of those awkward high school “coming-of-age” movies starring God of War‘s Kratos, the trailer would look something like this.

Gamers know Kratos. Gamers love Kratos. He’s a brutally violent, incredibly angry ancient Greek sociopath whose sole driving force is to slaughter anyone who has ever wronged him in any way whatsoever. But what if he wasn’t always that way? What if he was once an awkward young high schooler, trying to find himself and deal with the unrealistic expectations of his dad Zeus?

The above fan-made trailer to a hypothetical, nonexistent indie film shows what Kratos would be like if he were the star of, say, almost every single movie Michael Cera has ever been in. It’s surprisingly well-made with very solid production values, and I may just be speaking for myself here, but I’d love to see this actually expanded into a short film.

Am I alone on that or what?

(Via G4TV)

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