Three Dog voice actor Erik Dellums says the reaction to hints about a new Fallout game caught him, and Bethesda, completely by surprise.

Erik “Three Dog” Dellums caused a stir earlier this month with a couple of casual comments on his Twitter account. “There may be more of the Dog coming!” he wrote, a statement not nearly as remarkable as the immediate followup: “I was given permission to release that tease, so fingers crossed.”

The tweets got a lot of coverage, as fans and news sites began to speculate on the likelihood of Fallout 4 and how the Capital Wasteland’s favorite DJ might fit into it – hardly a surprising development, except, apparently, for Dellums and Bethesda.

Dellums, who also provided voice work for Skyrim, said he was just saying “hello” to some of the people at Bethesda when he mentioned that fans were curious about whether Three Dog might make a reappearance in a future game. “They let it slip that it looks like Three Dog will, and they said that, ‘Well, maybe you could tell your fans’,” he explained.

“I don’t think they anticipated that it would explode like this,” he continued. “Unfortunately, my lips have been sealed, because they’re very private people. They probably, on some level, love the fact that the fans are clamoring, but now, fans… I think they’re digging too deeply now, and Bethesda tries to keep things as secret as possible.”

Not that I want to suggest that Dellums isn’t being entirely forthcoming, but I don’t buy that for a second. Bethesda sanctions a teaser tweet about a new Fallout from one of the central characters in Fallout 3 without any expectation that the fan base will latch onto it like a dog with a bone? Not a chance. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if Dellums’ surprise is just more well-managed grassroots PR for the studio’s next post-nuclear RPG.

Preemptively, then: well played, Bethesda. Well played indeed.

Source: Fallout Wiki

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