Fan Recreates Mirror’s Edge In Reality

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One particularly dedicated fan of Mirror’s Edge has attempted to recreate the game’s first-person free-running action via video.

I really, really liked Mirror’s Edge, okay? Sure, it had its shortcomings as a game, but the premise was cool and original, it had a wonderful and unique visual aesthetic, and it was really just a breath of fresh air in a sea of all-too-common sequels. Plus, the theme song – “Still Alive” by Swedish pop star Lisa Miskovsky (not to be confused with that otherStill Alive“) – is hauntingly compelling.

Nor am I the only one, apparently: One particular enterprising Mirror’s Edge fan has recreated the game’s experience and posted it on the Internet (accompanied by the soothing strains of the aforementioned theme song) for all to see. There’s nothing too complicated involved – he didn’t wear a helmet and attach the camera to it, for example. No, said fan simply held the camera in his hand, and ran.

Consequently, the viewpoint is significantly shakier than that in Mirror’s Edge, and if you’re prone to motion sickness, you might not want to watch. Even though this video is more about running through gardens and parks (instead of atop gleaming white skyscrapers), it’s still pretty impressive to watch. Actually, as far as I’m concerned, the most risky maneuver the cameraman ever takes isn’t from a height at all: Jumping over your computer like in the beginning takes a lot of guts. What happens if you miss?!

Also, yes, Lisa Miskovsky apparently makes everything better. Awesome.

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