The first official Ghostbusters trailer was kind of underwhelming. Some fans have fixed it.

A lot of fans, myself included, are quite looking forward to the nostalgia-laden gender-flipped Ghostbusters Reboot. However, when the first official trailer hit… a lot of people were pretty underwhelmed. The jokes fell flat, the characters didn’t seem very interesting, there was way too much talking and explanation… and what was with that horrible remix of the classic Ghostbusters theme?

Thankfully, fans have come to the rescue, creating a recut of the trailer which makes me actually want to see the movie.

It’s perfect! Filmmakers take note: when you are making a reboot of a classic 80s franchise in order to cash in on nostalgia, you should probably take a look at what fans liked about said franchise in the first place. The new trailer makes the film feel a lot more like the campy ghostbusting romp of the originals, while still showing off the new cast at their best moments.

What do you guys think? Do you prefer the original trailer, or this fan recut?

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