Fans Make LittleBigContra


Thank God It’s Friday – to help ease into the weekend, why not check out LittleBigContra: a shot-for-shot faithful rendition of the classic Konami shooter starring Sackboy?

I’m not sure I even need to say anything more than “really, just watch the damn video!” We’ve always known that the depth and flexibility of LittleBigPlanet has been something else, letting users create everything from working calculators to marriage proposals. But … for me, anyway? This takes the cake.

Every single time I saw something in this video and found myself saying “Oh hell, no way they’re topping that,” guess what? The folks from the NeoGAF forums who put together LittleBigContra managed to best themselves. Turret placement, boss battles – they’re all there, and they’re all completely accurate to the way you remember it from the original game.

The only thing it’s missing seems to be the Konami Code. Sorry, Sackboy, no thirty extra lives for you.

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